Ever hear of a spine transplant? June 2017 Newsletter

What is spinal health?

I have heard from a handful of patients how they have the “normal” arthritis, bulging discs, and sciatica and each time I have to take a step back. There is a huge difference between “normal” and common. Arthritis is never a normal process just like pain is never normal either. Once arthritis is formed on bones, you can’t get rid of it. Luckily, with chiropractic care and keeping the spine mobile we can help maintain and prevent arthritis from worsening. What causes abnormal bone growth (arthritis) on the spine? Studies show that from the birthing process, childhood sports, falls, slips, accidents, physical labor, to poor posture all impact the positioning of our spines. Wolf’s law teaches us that abnormal pressure on a bone results in excess bone formation to that part of the bone. We see this often with degenerative changes in the spine, hips, shoulders, etc when people are not in proper alignment. My why for why I do what I do is because I know that chiropractic care can help people of all ages live longer and healthier lives by taking care of the foundation that serves to protect all of our organs and has to last our entire lifetime. I also invested a large portion of my time into pediatric chiropractic technique because I would rather ensure a healthy future for children now, then see them in my office 30-40 years from now complaining of sciatica, arthritis, etc.

My outlook on chiropractic care is similar to smoking cigarettes. When a child is born, the trauma can be the equivalent of one cigarette. The stress on the newborn’s neck and back from the delivery can push a segment(s) of the spine slightly out of place. The child could be irritable, not sleep, etc. and no one thinks of the spine at this point in time. Then years go by and the misalignment (subluxation) then results in the rest of the spine to compensate in abnormal patterns to keep the righting reflex. This is a natural reflex of the body to maintain an upright position. More years go by and that one cigarette turns into cartons and then the person becomes symptomatic with pain and has degeneration. You may go 40-50 years without symptoms but that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there. You can smoke a pack of cigarettes but that doesn’t mean one pack doesn’t coat your lungs with chemicals just because you don’t feel a difference. If we know the best time to start taking care of our spines is from birth then the next best time to do so is now. It’s investing and promoting a healthy future and I want to make a change. I want to see a world where it is normal to take care of your spine because I can’t think of anything more important.


This month I wanted to focus on why routine chiropractic care is beneficial for anyone and everyone. Chiropractic tends to be placed in a unique box where majority of people only use it as another means for pain relief. Often there are two extremes: patients who feel better right away and others who feel the same but both whom try chiropractic once and stop.

Think about it this way: Almost everything we do to benefit ourselves in the long run takes time and repetition to see and feel the maximum benefits. Whether it is working out, dieting, or even taking a supplement, it takes time to notice a difference. Chiropractic works in the same regard because many of us are physically active, have poor posture, and even the way we sleep can alter how our spine is positioned. Our bodies naturally want to be pulled back into the position it was held in for who knows how long. Chiropractic is like brushing our teeth but for the spine! Would you go years without brushing your teeth? Yet we can receive fake teeth if we don’t take care of ours but our spines are different. Spinal surgeries today include rods, pins, and sometimes bone fragments to help fuse damaged segments. There is no such thing as a spinal transplant. Routine care does not mean 3x/week for life! I recommend once a week for the normal person but I always tell my patients that something is better than nothing. If you can do every two weeks then it is still beneficial but just takes more time to make a difference. I hope this was informative and at least makes you think of the importance of your spine. Have an amazing month!

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-Dr. Rich

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What is health?


May Newsletter


For this month’s newsletter, I want to get you to think for a second. If germs were the reason we get sick… then why do some people carry certain strains of bacteria without symptoms? Why aren’t doctors and nurses consistently sick due to being around the sickest population on a daily basis? Why are some kids prone to ear infections and other illnesses while others never get sick?

The problem is simple. When our bodies express symptoms whether it’s a fever, cough, pain, etc. it is because our body was unable to adapt to its environment. Our nervous system is the controller to these adaptations. Interestingly, medicine is designed to be reactive in today’s world. Through medications we try to suppress symptoms that are occurring for a reason. A fever kills bacteria, a cough helps express mucous, etc. Medicine does not look at the question what is causing the problem in the first place.


Let us break down how life works. The birthing process; which either naturally or C-section, both place tremendous stress on the infant’s neck due to it being the grabbing location for each delivery process. Children slip, fall, bump their heads, and many play sports which all impact the spine. Many kids use technology causing them to keep their heads flexed an abnormal amount straining the spine. Adults have poor posture, sit for extended periods of time, and even emotional stress plays a toll on your spine. Think about how you present if you are depressed. Depression is notorious for having a slumped over posture with your head flexed down (placing stress on your upper back and neck) while stress also increases cortisol production.

My point is that we live in a society where people feel they need a reason to do something. They need to have back pain to go to a chiropractor or they will not benefit. This is why as a society we are growing even more unhealthy even when medicine has continual “breakthroughs”. We want to be reactive verses taking care of ourselves.


So how does chiropractic work and how can you and your loved ones’ benefit? I discussed how symptoms are a problem with the nervous system’s ability to adapt to changes. I also discussed how everyday life events place abnormal stress on your spine. Let’s talk now about what chiropractic can do for you. Chiropractors are trained to assess each and every individual spine for subluxations. Subluxations are the result of spinal bones with improper motion or position affecting nerve communication between your brain and body. We remove these road blocks in your spine that cause interference in your nervous system so that your body is able to adapt to these changes. Chiropractic enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself from within. This has been proven through millions of cases of people whose lives have changed because they corrected the problem rather than masked the symptoms. Pediatric chiropractic care is growing exponentially along with professional athletes receiving care because people are seeing that there is much more to chiropractic care than just pain relief. Chiropractors do not treat disease. We correct the spine and the body heals. In my office alone I have had patients resolve from digestion problems, headaches, colic, sleeping problems, torticollis, and much more and many of those people had no idea chiropractic would help them.

All I am asking…

If you are still skeptical of something you may have never experienced, I truly encourage you to at least try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are under care and know the benefits, make sure you educate others because sadly most people have no idea. This is why I do what I do. My purpose is to make an impact in the world and change lives. If you are a parent, please know that in my office I practically care for all kids for almost nothing because I know it will allow them to live a better life. Pediatric chiropractic care is the future to preventing illness and I would love a world where parents had their kids adjusted before resorting to giving them medications that weaken the immune system. ***I am not anti-medicine or anti-doctors by any means. I believe in allowing the body to heal itself and when it cannot then intervene. I also do not judge anyone who takes medications. This is just to educate and show how chiropractic is a natural means to live a healthier and better life.